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Bhedaghat Tourism - Jabalpur Hotel

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Bhedaghat -  a beautiful tourist destination Nearby Jabalpur

Bhedaghat - The most popular tourist destination near jabalpur City. Bhedaghat is located on the jabalpur - bhopal highway at a distance of 23 km from jabalpur City centre. It can easliy access by road, regular taxi and public transport is available from jabalpur to bhedaghat. The marble rocks, soar to a hundred feet and sparkle when sunlight falls on it. Bhedaghat, it is believed, evolved from the name Bhairav-ghat. Generally it is a very first choice to tourists to visit Bhedaghat and do boating in between erected marble rocks. Marble rocks in Bhedaghat are in various colors like white, pink, blue etc. Although Marble rocks are there in Bhedaghat but its mining is not allowed in that area but one can find small show pieces of marble from rural market at reasonable price. Among the most sacred rivers of India, it is believed a dip in the river washes away sins. According to Hindu mythology, Ganga River became polluted by millions of people taking dip in her waters to wash away their sins.

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